Project Management
Project management is at the heart of every A/E/C business and is largely responsible for making or breaking commonly desired organizational outcomes such as revenue growth and profit growth.   In a competitive market, to grow client share and be sought after by clients repeatedly, your business must provide high value, exceptionally consistent and responsive service.  In today’s world, that means delivering what clients need when they need it within an agreed upon budget on all assignments.  In most A/E/C organizations project managers:
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  • Ensure that client objectives are understood and incorporated into project execution,
  • Organize and plan the project execution,
  • Mobilize necessary project team resources,
  • Communicate and drive project team assignments,
  • Ensure that quality assurance is incorporated into the work and deliverables,
  • Frequently assess earned value progress vs. budget through two-way interaction with project team members,
  • Provide timely client and project team communications,
  • Course correct when the progress assessment dictates,
  • Manage scope, budget and schedule changes to contracts and through timely client communications,
  • Produce deliverables that meet the expectations established with the client in the contract,
  • Produce the expected level of project profit with minimal financial adjustments and write-offs

In short, excellent project management is crucial to a high performance organization yet many small to mid-size A/E/C firms do not provide structured training or effective project management mentoring and do not have clear performance expectations for staff working as project managers.  This situation can lead to the undesirable behaviors and practices of experienced project managers being passed on to newer project managers through informal mentoring.

If you sense you may have this situation in your organization or are experiencing symptoms of a systemic project management failure, such as frequent and extensive project write-offs, loss of client business share, negative client feedback, or increased claims frequency, focused attention to the project management function in your organization may be necessary.  Beverly Management Consulting, LLC can help you by conducting an objective assessment of the current state and provide recommendations to you on actions needed to improve the project management function in your organization.  These might include training, the establishment of standard processes and policies, project information improvements, quality assurance procedures, and/or development of clear project manager authority and expectations.