External Directorships
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Bruce Beverly (see Managing Director) is experienced and well qualified to serve your company in the capacity of an external director on your board of directors.  Bruce is an experienced internal and external director who is versed in best governance practices through long term membership and governance education program completion in the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD).  He has a deep understanding of the fiduciary responsibilities of directors and the challenges associated with defining and creating understanding around the roles and responsibilities of owners, board members and management in privately held A/E/C firms having been in all of these roles previously.
In Bruce’s experience, he has served as chair of his prior company’s board of directors and served as an external (independent) chair of another company.  His experience with board function evolution, governance enhancement, board self-evaluation, nominating and retaining external directors, strategic seating of the board based on desired skills and attributes, as well as CEO succession and removal, can be leveraged for your company on your board.   As an external director, Bruce can help your company improve its governance and board behaviors, practices and procedures to provide more value to your organization.

Please feel free to contact Bruce Beverly at 508.612.7805 or bebeverly.mgtcon@gmail.com to explore whether there is a fit between your board’s external director needs and his board interests and experience.