Consulting services offered by Beverly Management Consulting, LLC include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Strategy Development
  • Market and Client Portfolio Assessment
  • Business Development/Marketing Enhancement
  • Operations Assessment and Enhancement
  • Organizational Design, Structure and Change
  • Executive Coaching
  • MIS Assessment
  • Risk Identification and Management
  • Separation of Management and Board Functions
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Strategy Development
Successful organizations that grow and are highly profitable generally have well understood and articulated shared visions along with concise strategies and defined critical success factors that, together with its leaders, move the organization towards its shared vision. Beverly Management Consulting, LLC can help the leaders of A/E/C organizations develop a shared vision and related strategies.  This includes development of a strategic planning process, traditional SWOT analysis as well as the design of, participation in, or facilitation of, strategic planning meetings, events and retreats.

Market and Client Portfolio Assessment
Small to mid-size A/E/C firms typically do not look strategically at their market and client portfolios.  Often the markets that an A/E/C firm is in and the clients being served are more the result of happenstance than an organized approach and periodic assessment of the market and client portfolio.  In some cases, firms have too many active clients, are involved in too many markets for their size and treat business that they do with all clients the same when the real value to the organization is usually highly variable.  Beverly Management Consulting, LLC can assist management of A/E/C firms in conducting an organized market and client portfolio assessment that will create a deeper understanding of market and client value to the organization along with development of steps to be taken in the future to improve the business performance of the company and provide more interesting work for staff members.  A regular gathering and assessment of client feedback are integral to market and client portfolio management and the ability to grow client share with desired client organizations.  Beverly Management Consulting, LLC can assist in the development of a client feedback process to complement market and client portfolio assessment and management.

Business Development/Marketing Enhancement
Effective business development and marketing functions are essential to the long-term sustainability of every A/E/C organization.  Often, these functions are not well organized or appropriately structured and left largely unmanaged to the discretion the individual staff members.  This condition usually results in inefficiency and under leveraging of the combined talent that exists in most organizations.  This shows up as relatively high project acquisition cost in relationship to the resulting project revenue generated, and low proposal opportunity and hit rates.  Beverly Management Consulting, LLC can assist the management of A/E/C organizations in assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of their business development and marketing functions with the goal of enhancing the effectiveness of these functions to achieve revenue growth.

Operations Assessment and Enhancement
Is your organization struggling to generate the growth and profit that are necessary to sustain your organization into the future?  Does your overhead seem high compared to where it used to be? Do project managers in your organization adjust and/or write-off substantial portions of your potential profits?  Are you selling work at billing rates upon which you cannot make an appropriate profit just to keep people busy?  To improve organizational results, changes to elements of the organizational system may need to be made.  Beverly Management Consulting, LLC can make an assessment of the current state of your operations and make recommendations on what can be done to address the issues and problems that are identified and help you develop a plan to implement resulting recommendations.

Organizational Design, Structure and Change
Every organization during its evolution develops policies, procedures, practices, management structure and compensation structures.  These are all elements of an organization’s design.  Often these develop over time as an organization progresses from its founding to the present.  To be effective, they must work together as a reinforcing system or the organization does not operate to its full potential.  You could be sensing that this may be happening in your organization because your organizational performance is down and these elements of the organizational design have not been objectively evaluated or changed in a long time.  Alternatively, you as a top leader in your organization have been so busy leading the company through ownership succession and/or the challenges of the recession that you may not realize that your current organization design includes elements that are not aligned with your company’s strategy and where the management team is trying to take the organization. We can help you take an objective look at the current state of your organization design and work with you to develop an effective plan to make the desired system changes necessary to improve organizational performance.

Executive Coaching
Executives in A/E/C firms have usually found their way into management of their company by being really good technically in their professional practice area and successful in developing significant business with the clients that their organization serves.  Generally, these executives have not received formal or structured business, leadership and management training along the way.  One way to supplement your experience, intuition and instincts, is to use an executive coach.  What if you had access to an experienced A/E/C firm leader to bounce ideas off and to help you develop strategies and the steps needed to address the issues and problems that you are facing?  This is commonly a particular problem for CEO’s of A/E/C organizations because it is indeed “lonely at the top.”  CEO’s and top leaders have to make tough decisions along the way in order to move their organization into the future.  Examples might include a decision to close a geographic location, a decision to abandon a long-term practice area of the firm, a decision to terminate a partner or what was formerly a peer, or a decision to terminate a key staff member due to questionable business ethics practices.  Our Managing Director, Bruce Beverly, can help you and your management team as an executive coach to expand your thinking, to help you develop as a leader, and to work through such tough decisions by bringing experience and objective thinking into your decision making process.

MIS Assessment
Each A/E/C firm has evolved to have some form of Management Information System (MIS) that supports company board, multiple levels of general management and project management functions. Having the right management information available at the right time to the right organizational levels upon which timely decisions can be made and corrective action taken are essential to a well run A/E/C business.  Beverly Management Consulting, LLC can conduct an assessment of the current state of your MIS that would include a review of the information provided to various levels of management run the company on and especially the information that your project managers use to manage their projects.  This assessment will identify the information gaps and/or overloads that you currently have along with alternative means of addressing gaps and/or overloads ranging from revised or different report content with existing systems to the need for new/additional MIS software packages.

Business Risk Identification and Management
Business risk is an area that is typically not well identified and managed in small to mid-size A/E/C companies.  Contract and practice risk are commonly understood and dealt with effectively through outsourced legal assistance and professional liability insurance.  But what other areas of risk exposure are inherent to your company’s operations that you may not have previously identified or have a plan to manage?  We can work with your management team to identify your business risks and develop a business risk mitigation and management plan that is appropriate for the size and type of your organization.

Board vs. Management Functions
As companies evolve and grow from their founding, the management and board functions in a company must grow and evolve as the company grows and its business becomes more complex.  Just as management evolves over time so must the board function in an A/E/C firm if it is to provide value to the organization and deliver on its governance responsibilities under the law that include oversight of management and protecting the interests of shareholders.  In small to mid-size A/E/C firms, boards are often largely administrative in function or, alternatively, redundant with management, because the directors are all managers and stock holders in the A/E/C organization and have not been exposed to either alternative or best governance practices.  Beverly Management Consulting, LLC can help your company with its evolutionary process to review the current state of the board and management functions in your company and to make recommendations on what could be changed to deliver more organizational value through evolved board and management functions. (See also Board Advisory services)